Environmental Education using Virtual (VR) and Augmented (AR) Reality

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What is Trash Rage?

Trash Rage is a face-paced entertaining arcade-style VR game. It’s fun to play, but also demonstrates how entertainment and education can meet in the classroom.

The game is developed by Giant Lazer and is available on Steam.

Imagine a post-apocalyptic future where Earth is a waste dump patrolled by hostile robots. You, one of the last survivors, must return from Mars and make the Blue Planet habitable again. Using an exoskeleton and two helper robots, your job is to sort as much trash as you can in 3 minutes. It’s not easy – you have to comply to a real world recycling system.

Trash Rage combines gaming, education and environmental awareness.

Aim of the project

Our goal was to show schools that VR games are an excellent tool for educating the young generation. At present only a minority of teachers recognize VR as an option for education. The main reason for this is that they lack formulae of how a VR lesson might look like. We wanted to prove how VR can not only entertain, but also educate.

We also chose the topic of our game not by accident. Plastic pollution is filling our oceans, forests and mountains. Wildlife is dying because of it and we are wasting valuable resources. This plays well with the trends like trash being raw material, zero waste and sustainability.

We want to deliver a complete package for the teachers:
1. Quality content that’s engaging for students
2. A viable option for using VR in the classroom
3. A recipe for talking about environmental issues

At present most teenagers still didn’t have a chance to try room-scale VR. Trash Rage can encourage schools to invest in VR equipment so that all children can try VR for themselves. They are the ones who are going to be pushing the industry forward in the future, if of course they get the chance.

It’s like Jaron Lanier wrote in his book “The Dawn of the New Everything”. The generation that is going to grow up with VR is the one that’s going to fully understand it’s potential.

We want to show the young ones that recycling is cool again!

What’s so exciting about Trash Rage?

1. The whole package
The teacher gets not only an engaging VR game, but also a formulae for using VR in the classroom. Trash Rage goes way beyond showing simple models of planets and human bodies. The interaction is what gets students hyped.

2. 3 x E – Esport, Education, Environment
Three themes are combined into one experience. This works great in class, but also at large esport style events. At Trash Rage Game Days and Tournaments people keep coming back for more. This shows us that the combination works perfectly. Gamers start asking us about reusable bottles and bags. On the other hand the environmentally aware discover the fun in gaming and VR.

3. Simplicity and accessibility
Just catch and throw. You can play the game in a few seconds. Who said learning can’t be fun? However if you want to master the game you must show your knowledge of recycling and practice a lot.

4. Challenging and fun to watch
The game requires reflex and spatial awareness. You have to think 360! This makes it not only awesome to play, but also interesting to watch.

5. A platform for environmental education
Trash Rage is in an early access phase. We are planning to add more adventures dealing with other environmental issues like air pollution. In the future Trash Rage can become the one-stop for environmental aware gaming.

6. An AR companion app
Currently we are raising funds for an AR companion app. It is going to be free of charge for all schools around the world. The app is going to develop on the themes found in the Trash Rage universe to teach about environmental issues using augmented reality. It’s going to be very accessible, because it will run on smartphones.

Project impact

We showed Trash Rage to more than 700 teenagers and around 100 adults. The biggest success was the Trash Rage Game Day event. It combined an e-sport VR tournament with talks about environmental issues. 350 people in total attended the event with the house full. The rest tried Trash Rage in schools and during the biggest gaming fest in Poland – Pyrkon 2019.

What is attractive about the project, is that it is not yet another boring educational game. Nor is it a mindless zombie shooter. Teachers know that teenagers want to use new technologies for learning. Trash Rage gives them just that – the best of gaming and education in one package.

Trash Rage AR?

The problem with virtual reality at the moment is that few people have access to room-scale VR. Yet we would like to share the Trash Rage Universe with everybody. That is why we are developing a augmented reality application for smartphones. Thanks to the app more people will have access to the adventures of Jaron Lazer. It is also a great opportunity to tell the background story of the main character in Trash Rage.

Trash Rage AR (coming soon)

What’s next for Trash Rage?

The positive feedback we got at Trash Rage Game Day motivates us to keep developing the project. It showed us that people want to learn more about virtual reality and also about the environment. We were happy to find out that environmental awareness in our society is growing. People came to our event to learn more tips about leading a sustainable lifestyle.

New Trash Rage events are being scheduled at the moment. Various NGOs, government bodies and companies are interested in the project.

The event received media coverage on several occasions. We appeared on Melo Radio, Radio Wrocław and Radio Ram. It was a great opportunity to tell more about the event itself, but also about the Trash Rage project as a whole.



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